I've noticed that very few people are scary once they've been poked in the eye.
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These days, we go to waste like wine
that’s turned to turpentine.
It’s six a.m. and I’m all messed up.


If you ever feel like you’ve screwed up, just remember that, in 1348, the Scots thought it would be a good idea to invade England because the English were weakened by the Plague. They subsequently caught the plague themselves, went back to Scotland, and killed half their own population.

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i want an explanation for this picture


"you wear that a lot" yes that is because i, a proud owner of a washing machine,

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"The Nile, draining out into the Mediterranean. The bright lights of Cairo announce the opening of the north-flowing river’s delta, with Jerusalem’s answering high beams to the northeast. This 4,258 mile braid of human life, first navigated end-to-end in 2004, is visible in a single glance from space." - Chris Hadfield
Astronaut Chris Hadfield has a new book of photography called “You Are Here: Around the World in 92 Minutes.”

Breath taking.